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My knives are placed in the fire to be reborn into a beautiful but functional piece of art suitable to be passed down from generation to generation.

About Cowboy

Hand-forged Knives

In Texas, hunting is as big in popularity as the state itself. Having the right knife on your belt is crucial and having one that’s designed exactly for you and your hand, makes the whole hunting experience that much smoother and more enjoyable.
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The Blacksmith Shop

Stop by the historic, 1891 Blacksmith shop and see my hand-forged knives and blades.

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Watch Cowboy as he appears on episode 6 of  The History Channel’s “Forged In Fire”.

About Cowboy

Each knife is hand forged and hand crafted as a piece of art that is also functional. Each is one of a kind varying in design, metals, and materials. I offer knives custom made to suit the client’s interests. These knives are crafted to last for generations.

Hand Forged Knives

Check out a sampling of some of my hand-forged Damascus/pattern-welded knives, hunting and other knives and blades. Feel free to give me a call if you have something specific in mind.

Historic 1891 Blacksmith Shop

305 E. Main
Bellville, Texas 77418-1527

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